Anyone who wishes to share their account can be assured that any information they provide will be safely stored and used to preserve historical truth, irrespective of whether the information is or is not used in criminal proceedings. Our priority is to collect information about the evidence of crimes committed in Ukraine as of February 24, 2022, and about the victims of those crimes, and to ensure the confidentiality of the data of each person providing information. Providing information is voluntary. At each stage of its collection, the person who filled in the form has access to it by being able to safely complete or delete it.

The information collected will be stored in a secure database. This information, along with the details of the persons providing it, will then only be made available to international and national authorities that have the power to prosecute the crimes, in particular the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and the national prosecution authorities of the countries that are investigating the crimes. This information may also be used in possible reparation proceedings to compensate for the damage and harm caused.

The information is collected by filling in the form. In order to ensure that the form is filled in properly, the following instruction has been prepared and should be read before filling it in. You will also find instructions on how to do this on the form itself.



How to fill the form